The Top 5 Reasons Why To Raise Your Family in Valparaiso

Valparaiso is a close-knit community with a secure economy and a great school system. While it’s widely known for being home to Valparaiso University, it is much more than just a college town. In addition to work and school, there are plenty of reasons to raise a family in the Valpo area. Here we will dive into the top five reasons why Valparaiso is an ideal place to raise a family.

Reason #1: The Rich History of Valparaiso

An important reason that many families choose to raise their children in the Valpo area is the rich history that stands as the backbone of the community. In order to maintain this sense of tradition, in 2000, the City Council created the Valparaiso Historic Preservation Commission to help preserve the history of the city.

This group has helped to save historical buildings, generate a greater sense of community and promote all of what makes Valparaiso, Indiana great. While history doesn’t always come to mind when you think of why to choose a community, it is the towns history that ultimately shapes what it becomes. The City of Valparaiso understands that in order to offer an ideal place to raise a family, they must preserve their traditions.

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Reason #2: Education in Valparaiso

The history and tradition of Valparaiso has helped mold the city into what it is today. One thing that is paramount throughout the city is education. The Valparaiso School District is among the best in the area. grades the Valparaiso Community Schools with an “A” in Academics, Teaching, College Prep and Health and Safety.

In addition to excellent grade, middle and high schools, Valparaiso is also home to renowned Valparaiso University. US New and World Report ranked the university as the 4th best in the Midwest in 2017. The school has also been ranked as the 4th Best Colleges for Veterans, Best Undergraduate Teaching University, Best Value School, 3rd Most Innovative School and 13th Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs.

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With strong emphasis on education at all levels, it becomes easy to see why parents flock to Valparaiso as a top choice for their children.

Reason #3: Employment in Valparaiso

Another strong benefit to choosing Valparaiso to raise a family is the stability that the community offers. The city offers a mix of white-collar and blue-collar jobs in areas that range from service providers to office workers and educators. The city, as a whole, is highly educated, with just under 40 percent of residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. Steady jobs and plenty of options mean that you can pursue a career path that fits the individual needs of your family.

Reason #4: Life in Valparaiso

Life in Valparaiso is safe, stable and downright idyllic. Because it is considered a college town, the city is full of places to eat, shop and play. The downtown area offers plenty to do whether you are a college student or life-long resident. While the population is more than 32,000, Valparaiso still manages to hang on to the small-town charm that makes it so special.

Reason #5: Outdoor Live in Valparaiso

When you ask people in the community why they love life in Valparaiso, you will often hear a singular answer – the outdoors. One of the commonly cited reasons to raise a family in the Valpo area is the ability to enjoy the outdoors. With community events, concerts and festivals throughout the year – there are regular opportunities to enjoy the outdoors as a community. There are also plenty of places to walk, run, bike and play.

The Bottom Line:

Life in Valparaiso is a beautiful balance between our rich history, a community filled with life and activity and a bright future. The many places to work, learn and play make it an ideal place to raise a family. If you’re in the market for a home in a Valparaiso neighborhood, contact one of our real estate pros to start your search today.

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