A Guide to the Wonderful Parks and Playgrounds in Valparaiso

Most parents will agree that a trip to a new park is a delight for children of all ages. Yes, it’s fun to visit your usual neighborhood park, but there is something innately exciting to the 2-12 set about a trip to a new park. A simple way to bring a smile to your little ones faces is to surprise them with an outing to one of the many playgrounds in Valparaiso. There are fun places to visit in many of the Valparaiso communities.

Bicentennial Park

One of the most popular playgrounds in Valparaiso is beautiful Bicentennial Park. The 15.9-acre gem sports recently updated playground equipment, a paved area with basketball hoop, softball fields, tennis courts and plenty of open space for free use. This park is perfect for an afternoon picnic or an hour of play after school lets out.


175 Burlington Beach Road

Butterfly Meadows Park

Butterfly Meadows Park is a parent favorite in Valparaiso. There is plenty of open space with trails for walking, running or exploring. The playground equipment is plentiful and the rubber mulch makes this a safe play space for the younger crowds.

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3210 North Campbell Street

Glenrose Park

Another great place to spend an afternoon of playing, running and climbing is Glenrose Park. The 20-acre park has plenty of playground equipment and two shelters with picnic tables.


Glendale Boulevard

Jessee-Pifer Park

Although Jessee-Pifer Park is one of the smaller playgrounds in Valparaiso, it is also one of the most beautiful. It is settled on just 2.3-acres and is the perfect neighborhood park. It is rarely crowded and makes for a peaceful spot to nab some fresh air.


400 Elmhurst Avenue

Tower Park

Tower Park got its name for its proximity to the Valparaiso city water tower. Sitting in the shadow of the tower, it offers kids lots of places to explore and play. If your little one is looking for a change of pace, this is a great stop. A fun fact that your kids will love is that the playground equipment is made entirely from recycled plastic!

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1000 North Franklin Street


Probably the most frequented of the many playgrounds in Valparaiso is Valplayso. The park was erected in honor of the town’s 50th anniversary in 1994. In addition to great playground equipment, there is also a nearby nature preserve to explore.


1400 Glendale Boulevard

Westside Park

15-acre Westside Park is another favorite of the stroller-set. There is an extensive playground area, complete with jungle gym, slides and plenty of swings. There are also baseball, soccer and football fields nestled in and around the park.


157 Westside Park Avenue

Will Park

Another playground hotspot can be found at Will Park. With everything from a rock wall, to cool twisting racer slides to hideaway towers – kids will get a kick out of this park. And don’t worry, there are plenty of benches for the grown ups.


354 Morgan Boulevard

With so many fun playgrounds in Valparaiso, your family can check a new one out each week. From rolling hills to rock walls, there is something to enjoy for every member of the family. So if you are looking for a fun way to spend a day, check out one of the many playgrounds in Valparaiso. Looking to put down roots in our community? If so, reach out to one of our experienced real estate professionals to learn more about life in Valparaiso.

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