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millennials in valparaiso

Home buying and selling has changed over the past 20 years. From the way homes are listed to the way they are toured – technology has shaped the process into something completely different what came before it. A big push for change is coming from the group of new homebuyers known as millennials. This generation […]

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art in valparaiso

While Valparaiso may not seem like a mecca for artists, at least at first glance, local art lovers know that this is far from the reality. With Valparaiso University and other local art galleries, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy art in Valparaiso. Here we will take a look at the goings on this […]

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Valparaiso a top community

According to some of the websites that rate and rank cities throughout the year on various measures of desirability, Valparaiso has easily earned itself an A and a gold star as a stand out community. There are a number of factors that these websites evaluate in order to determine the best places to live in […]

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walking routes in Valparaiso

Life in Valparaiso is filled with outdoor activities to help keep residents health and active. One of the cool things the local government decided to do to get citizens out and about was to map out designated walking routes in Valparaiso. They are selected routes and paths that can be used for walking, running or […]

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pumpkin picking in Valparaiso

October in Valparaiso means plenty of great weather, sunshine and fall fun. At several farms throughout the area you can enjoy a day of pumpkin picking in Valparaiso and the surrounding area. In addition to pumpkin picking, many of these autumnal hotspots also offer hayrides, corn mazes, other fun for the kids and plenty of […]

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Valparaiso Party in the Park

The community of Valparaiso is home to many exciting events, activities and things to do. The various neighborhoods in and around town host events throughout the entire calendar. Each year, one of the most sought-after events in town is the Valparaiso Party in the Park. It is a fun evening of ice-skating, eats and treats […]

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playgrounds in valparaiso

Most parents will agree that a trip to a new park is a delight for children of all ages. Yes, it’s fun to visit your usual neighborhood park, but there is something innately exciting to the 2-12 set about a trip to a new park. A simple way to bring a smile to your little […]

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Fall Home Buying in Valparaiso

Springtime is most commonly associated with being the height of home buying season. It’s when we see the most listings enter the market and generally the highest price tags. The pleasant weather and bright skies make it an ideal time for homebuyers. However, the fall often brings equally pleasant weather, clear skies and beautiful trees. […]

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valpo brewfest

Another fun annual event hits Valparaiso at the end of the month – the yearly Valpo Brewfest. On Saturday, September 30th from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Valparaiso natives as well as visitors from all over Indiana will head to Central Park Plaza. This event is one of the most highly anticipated in Valparaiso, and […]

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fall decorating in valparaiso

As the calendar pages turn to the cooler autumn months, now is a great time to get your Valparaiso home ready for the fall season. For many of us who like to update our home décor with each season, homes in sought-after neighborhoods throughout Valparaiso will be sporting hues of orange, yellow and red to […]

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Valparaiso family

Valparaiso is a close-knit community with a secure economy and a great school system. While it’s widely known for being home to Valparaiso University, it is much more than just a college town. In addition to work and school, there are plenty of reasons to raise a family in the Valpo area. Here we will […]

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Outdoor activities in Valparaiso

Fall is a great time throughout Valparaiso to enjoy the cooler weather and the changes that happen all around. As the leaves change from green to bright yellows and reds, it is among the best times to enjoy the many outdoor activities throughout the town. Enjoy the Scenery Although the scenery in Valparaiso is beautiful […]

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