Karen Rogatz

My expertise in residential real estate is derived from the 10 + years I spent working with a well-known Chicago developer. The company, respected for a commitment to creating unique units and beautiful environments, drove my passion for matching my clients with their dream home. During my 10 years in this role, I closed over 800 deals for this developer, solidifying my skills in sales, marketing and service. Although I loved my career, I found a new love when I got married and had our beautiful baby girl. We choose Ogden Dunes, IN as our baby’s first home, which lead to another new love, the Duneland area. After settling in as a local, I recognized a need in the Duneland market for a passionate broker; someone who understands the unique homes and beautiful environments of the lakeshore. Licensed in both Indiana and Illinois, I have a deep understanding of the region and the ability to connect with buyers and sellers in both the Duneland and Chicago markets. Whether buying a home or selling yours, let me use my expertise in sales, marketing and service to guide you through your transaction.

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